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Long Trip Went Okay- A Strange Wedding

10 years ago

I had posted earlier because I was afraid of driving this weekend to a family wedding. KT responders suggested I check several driving map websites, get a GPS and don't worry. It turned out the distance was less than I thought, only 120 miles. I borrowed a GPS and had no trouble getting from Long Island to Kingston NY, the place where it was held. There was considerable traffic and the drive there took four hours, compared to two hours to return home the next day. The fall foliage and the mountains were beautiful. I arrived just as the ceremony was ending, but I was happy to at least be there for my nephew's special day. But the wedding and reception were highly non-traditional. The bride wore a brown lace shift and nothing on her head. They are both vegans and the reception food was vegan-only: vegetables, salad, bread(no butter) and grains like tabbouleh (sp?) and farro. No wedding cake, instead they offered apple and pumpkin pies. I sat with my sister in law. She was very unhappy, said she hated the food and said her Mother (my late mother in law) and the groom's Grandmother would be spinning in their graves. She also said she wished there had been party favors for the guests and flower arrangements on the tables. There were neither. Luckily they did offer a full free bar. . Afterwards we went to our motel- again it was not "perfect". SIL and I had agreed to share a room, one with two beds. Clean but old place, the toilet in the room was broken. SIL pitched another fit over the toilet- "This is intolerable." I told her, it's only one night, close the bathroom door and go to sleep. I then told her "Call the front desk and have them send up a plumber" even tho it was past midnight Saturday night. This 65 year old "girl" is extremely shy and sensitive, never married. . I didn't mean to insult her, I just wanted to sleep. The next day we went to breakfast and met up with some other relatives. Nice to see everyone at the wedding and breakfast next day, Then I got in my car for the quick, uneventful drive home. A strange weekend indeed.

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