How Many Cancer Survivors Are Here??

11 years ago

I read so many ones on here talk about cancer.. How many of you are survivors? I will start..

I am a cancer survivor of almost 20 years. I had breast cancer. I went through cemo and radiation. Sadly, cancer runs deep in both sides of our families. I am the oldest woman in my family that is still alive. Grandma,both aunts, 3 cousins and my oldest sister are all gone. One niece also has had breast cancer. No male has had it.

On my hubby's side his dad and sister have both died from cancer. His oldest brother had prostrate cancer and his son colon cancer. Both are doing well at this time.

I remmeber the first day I went into the radiation chamber. You lay on the table in your mold that they made for you to lie in. I rememebr the door shuting. Just like a heavy bank door vault. So scarey. I remember tears falling from my eyes. I had to go everyday for 7 weeks.

I remember the people I went through my treatments with. Some never made it. I will always remember a strikingly tall beautiful red headed woman. So sweet. She had twin daughters that had just started college. Her brother always came with her. She died after a couple months. I remember a young guy with brain cancer that had 3 small daughters. He wore a toupee and when he would come out of his treatment it was always on wrong.. He fought so hard but died soon, too.

One funny was when I went to take my cemo at the hospital. I took a drug that was administered in an IV slowly The nurse had to watch her watch to make sure it was going in slow. If it went in to fast your crouch area would be on fire. It only happened once to me but went away quickly. The nurse laughted and told me about an 83 year old lady that had come in the day before. She took the same drug. All of a sudden she squirmed in her seat and said, "OH, I haven't had a hot box like this in 30 some years."

This is a horrible disease and if you haven't dealt with it yourself or had a loved one that has had to deal with it you can't possible know the heartache it causes. I know they have come along way and hope and pray there will be a cure soon. I thank God everyday I am here to enjoy our children and grandchildren.

To all you survivors out there, enjoy life to the fullest. Tell those around you love them, help others with the simplest things. I have a couple elderly ladies in my neighborhood that I love helping and have adopted them like my grandmas. I love taking food to them. Simple things like this makes life so grand for me and for them.

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