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My bath mats smell like printer's ink.

11 years ago

At Sam's Club the other night I ran across something new (to me): memory foam bath mats. Serta must have been looking for a new way to use memory foam, but the result looked great and felt divine. I picked up two to give at Christmas.

Out in the parking lot, I wondered why I smelled printer's ink. I'm familiar with the smell from my days as a newspaper reporter. The smell lingered in my car. Very odd. When I got home and unloaded, I realized the smell was coming from the bath mats. It's not pleasant!

Right now they're out-gassing in my guest room, which may have been a mistake--but it was the only place safe from the cats. Even with the door closed, I can smell them out in the hall. If this doesn't improve considerably in a week or so, they're going back to Sam's.

Anyone have one of these?

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