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Should I get her an American Girl doll?

13 years ago

Chloe's birthday is in November (she'll be 9) and then comes Christmas. And at the top of her wish list is an American Girl doll, with matching clothing for her and the doll, of course.

Now, if I thought that she'd really play with the doll and enjoy it, I'd probably buy it. Oh, I'd grouse about the price and the marketing ploy and the sheep mentality, but then I'd say, "Oh, she's only young once!" and I'd buy it.

But Chloe is a tomboy. Her happiest hours are spent climbing a tree or digging worms or designing some new fort out of cardboard and rubber bands and masking tape. (She's really creative!) I think she wants the doll only because most of her friends have them. She has a bunch of Barbie dolls (gifts from friends), and the only thing she ever does with them is cut off their hair.

Of course, I've pointed all this out to her, noting the fact that she never plays with dolls alone, and never suggests them when a friend is visiting. She just says, "But I play dolls at Maddie's house, and I *KNOW* I would play with an American Girl doll." Hmmm, I think not.

So, I'm undecided. Part of me thinks it's stupid to pay a lot of money for an overpriced doll that she'll rarely, if ever, use. But the other part of me thinks that she's wanted this for months, it's at the top of her wish list, and I should just bite the bullet and get it.

Personally, what I *want* to get her are trapeze lessons or some time in an indoor skydiving venue, either of which I think she would love. (And I could get her both for less than the cost of the doll.) Heck, I'd rather get her a Zhu Zhu pet than an American girl doll, and I really don't want to get her a Zhu Zhu pet.:)

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