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So done with trash TV

10 years ago

I am so tired of trying to watch news...when it turns into some "e" news. So tired of trying to watch programs...that are all about "reality".

What happened to TV as a fun entertainment...I am ready to just cancel it all and simple try to catch whatever episodes of shows I used to like on line.

Is this just me? I don't think so talking with friends and such but it does seem to be out of our hands with how to deal with it.

Does anyone know of a way to stand up to these stations and say we want "REAL PROGRAMING" back?

It is sickening to watch peoples lives going downhill....I buy a TV package to be enlightened and entertained. Not to be a spy in others lives...I have my own to live!

Sorry...venting :(

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  • luckygardnr
    10 years ago

    I AGREE!

  • LuAnn_in_PA
    10 years ago

    I agree also!

    Stations run that trash because that is what gets the ratings.

    Until/unless people stop watching (and stop supporting the advertisers!), that's all they will air!

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  • emma
    10 years ago

    That is exactly why I cancelled all of my cable TV. It was costing me around $120 a month for my TV, phone land line and internet. I didn't use any of it, such a waste of money. I bought a $10. antenna so in case of a disaster somewhere or severe weather I can watch the news. I kept the internet, the cheapest version and I have a cell that cost around $8 a month. I kind panicked the first day but after than I knew I did the right thing. I have been buying movies and series, so I have plenty to watch. Just finished watching Dragonfly with Kevin Costner.

  • petra_gw
    10 years ago

    We dumped cable almost 3 years ago and just watch Netflix CD's or instant streaming. Initially, it was kinda hard to get used to, but now we do not miss it at all. We paid close to $100 per month just to complain there was nothing to watch.

    With Internet access, you can watch live CNN and other news, news videos, breaking news, etc. With Netflix you can watch all the series you like as soon as they are released on DVD. Yes, you wait longer, but you can watch them at your leisure and you don't have to suffer through commercials.

    I think many people are addicted to cable, everyone who knows we dumped it is horrified, OMG, aren't you bored, I couldn't be without TV, etc. Never mind all you ever hear out of them re. TV programming is "there's nothing to watch".

  • marie_ndcal
    10 years ago

    I also agree. The so call reality shows are not entertaining, neither are with very few exceptions are the sitcoms. Just give me Lucy, Carol Burnett etc. Even stations like HGTV are not real!

  • glenda_al
    10 years ago

    I enjoy watching Animal Planet, National Geographic channels,Public Broadcasting service, The History Channels.

  • kfca37
    10 years ago

    We discontinued our cable tv service six months ago when our "introductory price" jumped from something like $39/month to about $90/month. When I saw that first raised invoice, I was out. Our only reason for getting cable in the first place was to watch old movies on TCM. After a year, we'd seen pretty much all we wanted to see on Turner, & most of the other channels didn't interest us that much. (Actually my husband loves "nature" programs, but I'd had enough of watching a gazelle being chased by a lion, etc. etc. etc.)

    Unfortunately, our SF Bay Area Pub Ed channel has gone heavily into fund raising, so about every 5 weeks it's pretty much a "self-help" bag for two weeks, the programs rarely interesting me...I see tonight it's "Dr. Fuhrman's Immunity Solution" for 2 or 3 hours. At least Suzy Orzman doesn't seem to show up much recently). The only program I miss there is Antiques Road Show.

    Since our house is not well situated for a TV antenna, we just use our TV screen for DVD's, all free at the library.

  • phyllis__mn
    10 years ago

    My TV watching tonight was a half hour of Newt and his wife, then "Mash" and "Raymond' It would be great to have some shows like we used to watch. They were pitching the Carol Burnett CDs the other day, and I thought how sad that there is nothing like that on any more.

  • kacram
    10 years ago

    I enjoy
    Drop Dead Diva
    Project Runway
    Necessary Roughness
    Hawaii 5 o
    Burn Notice
    Big Bang
    How I met your mother
    The Closer
    I love Lucy reruns
    friends reruns
    and several others....

    my hubby likes Criminal Minds but it is getting too disgusting for me. Last year was a little better, but I
    tend to read during that.

  • sjerin
    10 years ago

    It's all about the money; they are cheap, cheap to produce. When enough people won't watch anymore, they will go away. Until then, stay away from them so your household isn't counted in the ratings.

  • ntt_hou
    10 years ago

    I too don't use cable. I went back to the old time and got a roof antenna which picks up true high definition TV channels.

    Did you know that if you're using cable, you're not seeing true high definition picture on your High Defition TV (HDTV)? It's because the cable signals had been compressed before arriving to your home TV. Yet, picking up channels over the air (OTA) will give you true high definition picture.

    Today digital signal also allows many local stations to have multiple channels. ie: My sister lives in Houston. Her TV picks up over 70 channels over the air.

    OTA with a roof antenna is no longer like the old days. There are more channels to watch and the pictures are crispy clear.

    As for me, I watch AntennaTV and MeTV. Some of the best good ole family shows are shown on these channels. ie: I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Leave It To Beaver, The Jack Benny Programs, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, classical movies, etc.. They keep me entertain all day long.

    By the way, NBC also have an all-day movie channel, it's free. ABC have a home network channel that resembles HGTV, it's also free. We all know about the wonderful shows on PBS. PBS also have another food & travel channel and it's free. Do these sound familiar? Yep, many of these channels are similar to those on cable, and they're free.

    Seriously, if you need to save money and you live in or near a big city, try the good ole antenna for awhile. It won't cost you much for an antenna. Even the old rabbit ears antenna can easily pick up many local channels. If you don't like it, you can always go back to your cable or satellite networks.

    However, if you are or have a sport fan in your household, then, keep your cable or satellite networks. That's the only reason I see worth paying those services for.

  • kacram
    10 years ago

    antennas don't work for us. In our old home, we used antenna and I swore I would never pay for tv! lol Got down here and nothing but snow. lol

    I watch some Create TV too
    Susan Scheewee
    a norwegian cooking show sometimes.
    some pbs,
    American Pickers,
    HGTV curb appeal when I come across it.
    love it or list it sometimes
    some do it yourself shows.
    I think I like Bunheads...
    The Mariners
    some football
    some movies
    when I come across Antique Road show..

    wow, seems like a lot! lol

  • Sue_va
    10 years ago

    I am definitely fed up with TV as we know it now. I do watch Pawn Stars and American Pickers, because I used to be a collector, buyer, seller of antiques, and I don't get out to do that now. I sometimes check out HLN in the evenings. I do like a good real legal case. And of course I watch the local news channel. I get most of the news sooner on the radio. (Remember radio?)

    I have shifted from Dish to COMCast, back to Dish, to get the Promotions. In November my Dish runs out. I'm going to try Direct this time. Yeah, I'm cheap! With Direct I can get TCM, TRUtv, and a gazillion others that I don't watch.

    The most revolting current show that I tried to watch is "Honey BooBoo." How sad for that child.


  • glenda_al
    10 years ago

    I love Att UVerse

  • Adella Bedella
    10 years ago

    Honey Boo Boo is a low of the lows. I predict that that child and the new baby will eventually be removed from the family.

    Dh is the reason we have the tv package we have. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of it. Most everything can be found on the internet or radio.

  • Lily316
    10 years ago

    We pay $160 a month for the package. I remember when my first mortgage was $115 a month. Who would have ever thought? But we have extra fast internet and a gazillion channels I don't watch, but I do watch some cable. I love HGTV and MSNBC, but I never watch the others. This week, because of the convention, nothing was on, I went surfing. I saw the Kardashians which was trash, I saw one of the Housewives..I think NJ, trash. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, there was Honey Boo Boo. This family is beyond the word trailer trash. Disgustingly ugly in looks, manners and civility. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us?

  • Lily316
    10 years ago

    We pay $160 a month for the package. I remember when my first mortgage was $115 a month. Who would have ever thought? But we have extra fast internet and a gazillion channels I don't watch, but I do watch some cable. I love HGTV and MSNBC, but I never watch the others. This week, because of the convention, nothing was on, I went surfing. I saw the Kardashians which was trash, I saw one of the Housewives..I think NJ, trash. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, there was Honey Boo Boo. This family is beyond the word trailer trash. Disgustingly ugly in looks, manners and civility. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us?

  • Marilyn_Sue
    10 years ago

    Yes, not all of us have good reception with our antenna. We get 6 channels plus four of them have an additional two channels and those are either sports or weather. One of the other channels has an additional music video channel and the last channel is religion on the two channels. We can not receive any PBS channels at all. As far as the picture being better, I don't think so. A bit of bad weather even if it is just rain will completely knock out one channel and it's two other channels. There is no cable or satellite I can get either. AT&T's U Verse is also not available, so we put up with what we have and I don't watch much television because of it. I would love to have a lot of channels to choose from.


  • Hellion
    10 years ago

    I watch very little reality tv. I watch ABC Family channel for the most part. They have a lot of reruns of old shows and some great new sitcoms. I even watch the shows geared toward the teens. Much better than the reality crap. Lifetime is great for movies and old sitcoms also.

  • juellie1962
    10 years ago

    Couldn't agree more! Reality/trash tv is disgusting. I've said it before, and will say it again; I truly believe it is dumbing down this country. Talk about trash role models for young people!

  • Elraes Miller
    10 years ago

    I don't watch reality shows. Well, a small lie, Project Runway. But they still fill in too much with emotional activities.

    Most of the shows which I did enjoy only lasted one season. But they had some great concepts and just before cancelling were getting better.

    If you think about it, the reality shows came to be after the writer's strike. And I feel a lot of the better shows became poorly written or had boring episodes after the event. Plus the salaries of the actors .

    I'm hooked on British shows now. Even those 10 years old, they are great for a change. Plus love seeing the homes, gardens, refreshing commentary.

    Dumped sat 3 years ago and haven't looked back. At my end I was at a point of not finding anything of interest to watch. And why I didn't realize I was paying for local channels so long when an aerial could have been used is beyond me. Know there are a lot of areas which can't do this, but there are many who can. Those 12" squares work fine in the house too. Can get Fox and PBS too. Many of the stations have episodes online which works fine for me. PC is hooked up to TV.

    Also, there are a lot of sat channels which many others can only watch through subscribing. Plus not all stations have episodes available. So there is still a need for cable and sat.

  • Fun2BHere
    10 years ago

    I would love to dump cable. Unfortunately, I live in a dead reception area with no access to antenna signals. We barely get a cell signal.

  • joann23456
    10 years ago

    I don't know, I find lots I like on TV. Not reality shows, though I do sometimes watch "Dancing with the Stars," and I love HGTV's "Design Star." But there are lots of good dramas on, by my estimation, and a few good comedy shows.

    In my area, you don't get reception without cable or satellite.

  • carol_in_california
    10 years ago

    I would really miss our local news and the national news.....and the NatGeo channel and a lot of others.
    I watch a few reality shows......yes, I know they are scripted and stupid.
    And I would really, really, really miss watching MLB when the Yankees are playing.

  • emma
    10 years ago

    With the lower tier of cable here we got 22 channels for $15. when I first signed up for it, but you wouldn't want to watch them. I get the same thing with an antenna box for free, can't have an outside antenna here. I don't miss TV at all. I have NCIS, Criminal Minds, Reba, Stargate, Star Wars and many more series I can't think of at the moment plus a lot of movies. I also do jigsaw puzzles, read, embroidery, listen to music and of course play with this machine. Sometimes I clean a little. LOL I just took a break from watching Sayonara, love the music on that one.

  • drewsmaga
    10 years ago

    I've been wanting to drop the expensive cable for YEARS! Anything I like to watch is on the internet (with the exception of "Falling Skies.") But DH wants his ESPNs. Sigh. He can even watch the Golf Channel on the net.

  • dedtired
    10 years ago

    I was paying $190 (with HBO)to Comcast. I switched to Verizon for $117, still way too much for the junk that is on tv. I actually used to enjoy the HBO documentary programs, but not enough to pay that amount. Once my intro price runs out, I will consider going to the most basic cable and getting programs through Netflix or something similar.

    I am most disappointed with the morning news shows. They have become so fluffy. Every day it's showing silly youtube videos, cooking segments, interviews with idiots like that Snookie person and very little real news. Bring back Dave Garroway. The Today Show is the worst.

    I like some of the HGTV shows, even though I know they are staged. I like Modern Family and Suburgatory and the one about the rich girl who works as a waitress. Most nights I turn off the tv and play around on the computer.

    There are some great shows on The Smithsonian channel but I no longer get that with Verizon.

  • emma
    10 years ago

    dedtired, I don't like the news anymore. It used to be 15 to 20 minutes of news, then weather and sports. It has changed to a little news, a little weather, a little sports, back and forth. I just wanted to watch the news and not the other stuff.

    For the ones that don't have family just think of what you could do with the extra hundred dollars.

  • jannie
    10 years ago

    I watch no reality TV, but I do like "talk shows" and admit to watching Live with Kelly,The View,The Talk every day, plus TCM for old movies and I enjoy watching old comedy TV shows-Lucy,Raymond,others. But I can't see why DH loves to watch only news or sports shows 24 hours a day!

  • renee_fl
    10 years ago

    I love reality shows - Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef and America's Next Top Model.

    One man's trash is another man's treasure!!! :)

  • oldgardener_2009
    10 years ago

    I won't pay a penny to watch regular TV, have never had cable and never will...I don't care for junk TV. There's very little on that I would watch and what I do want to watch, I can see on Netflix or free Hulu.

    I don't know how people can spend hours and hours of their lives watching cr*p.

  • Lily316
    10 years ago

    I don't consider trash TV to be Amazing Race and Survivor. AR is extremely informative in showing all the countries they travel and the customs. It wins Emmys every year. I also like BB, but TRASH is Honey BooBOO, Toddlers and Tiaras, and the Kardashians .

  • sushipup1
    10 years ago

    Isn't it great that no one forces us to watch what we don't like?

  • OklaMoni
    10 years ago

    I have "only" antenna tv. Not much on, but then I never thought there was much on the AT&T package I had back during my marriage.

    Antenna tv is VERY cheap. ;) Get a good indoor antenna, and dial in the stations you can get, and see whats on. :)

    I prefer to be entertained as well, when I sit down in front of mine.


  • Tally
    10 years ago

    I agree with Lily. There is a big difference between trash TV and Reality TV. We watch Project Runway, Hell's Kitche, Top Chef, Master Chef and Top Chef Just Desserts. I enjoy watch the creativity and the interaction between contestants.

    I also like David Tutero's My Fair Wedding and Say Yes to the Dress, America's Got Talent, Trauma in the ER, and So You Think You Can Dance. OK, I'll admit it - I also watch Dance Moms.

    Not to mention all the informational programming like the History channel, NatGeo, Animal Planet. And I still love the The Golden Girls reruns.

    I love our cable packages. Like anything else, you just have to be selective about what you choose to watch. Yes, there is a lot of crap out there, but I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water.