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Do you get a physical reaction to suspense movies?

11 years ago

Not just movies, but TV shows and books too. I've had a problem with this for years. Anything the slightest bit suspenseful or scary, and my chest gets tight, my breathing gets even more shallow than usual, and my heart starts pounding, sometimes irregularly. I think it wreaks havoc with my blood pressure as well, although I don't know that for sure. It just feels as though it does.

It's a problem because it forces me to stay away from things I'd like to watch or read. Right now I've started watching the Kiefer Sutherland series "24," and after the first four episodes I'm hooked. But it's full of suspenseful moments, and I even react to the music. I may have to give it up.

Years ago a psychic told me my autonomic nervous system was out of whack. Clearly, she was right.

Anyone else?

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