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Update on DH

15 years ago

Well, I'm back home and DH is spending the night in the hospital. He is fine except it was worse this time because they had to cut open the original incision. Once he got pain meds, food and coffee he was feeling better and decided to sleep so I came home. Just taking a short break from mopping the floor.

They put a shoulder immobilizer on him so he can't raise the arm. I think he probably dislocated it in his sleep or maybe when he put his shirt on right arm first instead of the left, or who knows what he did.

He told the doctor I threatened to use duct tape and the doc said I would probably use it on his mouth first! (We used to live next to the Doc's parents so he knows Wayne.) I was ready to tape his mouth this morning. I thought he would never shut up. He's home alone too much and when he gets around people he talks a blue streak!

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