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My hummingbirds

13 years ago


I will admit I am a bird nut. I have binoculars at the front door, both patio doors, and back door. LOL. I bought 12 new hummingbird feeders and placed them at different locations throughout our yard and pasture. I was thinking maybe the little dominant "buggars"(;-) would not swoop down and pick on their less aggressive feathered friends while they are getting a sip of nectar. (I now have 16 feeders) I noticed through my binoculars while standing at the back door that I was sorely wrong! We have grape vines that have strung wire to hold them up. There those cuties sit on the different wires protecting "their" feeders. I went out later and they were roosting on the grapevine wires ready for nite time. I wish I lived where they were here alllllll the time. Love those hummingbirds. My husband and I affectionately call them our "Honey" birds. (:-)

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