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I can call my hummingbird with a whistle, and hummingbird guide?

16 years ago

For the first time I have put out a hummingbird feeder.

It took a few days but a hummingbird finally found the feeder. It's been about 3 weeks now.

I can go outside onto the deck near the feeder and whistle and the hummingbird will come to the feeder.

Is this common?

I also noticed something else.

I have seen 2 hummingbirds, I have only seen one at the feeder, he seems to be the smaller of the two.

What I have noticed several times is the larger bird will hover ten feet above the feeder and then I hear a high pitch call, and then the smaller bird comes to the feeder, while the larger bird leaves.

It is as if he is guiding the little one to the feeder.

I've seen it happen at least 3 times in the last month.

Does anyone else hear the high pitch call or notice similar behaviors?

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