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Recurrence of DH's skin cancer. Don't know where to turn

13 years ago

I guess this belongs on the Health forum but I feel at home here at the KT.Befor I begin I would like to say that I Know that many of the KT members have dealt with much worse than simple skin cancer. But hear me out, please, I do need some advice. DH has had 2 surgeries in the last two years for Basal Cell Skin Cancer in his EAR. Both times the pathology came back with the "margins clear" which we were told meant that they got it. well in the last couple weeks, another place popped up. After seeing the first two cancers I was pretty sure it was a recurrence. The biopsy results came back today, it IS another cancer. Now my question... DD1 keeps insisting that DH needs to be testing for another cancer or something in his body that is causing this skin cancer. I do know that Melanoma can lead to other cancers, brain, bone etc. BUT does anyone know if some other type of cancer can cause Basal Cell Skin Cancer? I do not even know what to ask the docs to test for.

Sorry this is long, we are just frustrated by repeated surgeries. on and on and on. What else should we be doing? And yes, DH religiously wears a hat, sunscreen etc. This has us baffled.

Thank you all for listening.

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