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Am I insane? I think that my GC thinks I am.

15 years ago

We just agreed to December 17 as the start date for our demolition. Of course, this will mean that we will spend both Christmas and New Years without a kitchen and living in dust. But, it also means that we can have everything finished by (knock on wood!) the end of January. Waiting until January 2 to begin will mean a mid-Feb completion. I would rather have a dusty Christmas and have things finished earlier. Is that nuts? He must have asked me 15 times if I was sure. I ended the meeting by telling him I would talk it over with my husband (who agreed with me) and call him back.

Contributing to the decision is the fact that we always have a huge Mardi Gras party, and this year's is scheduled for February 2. I know that it's cutting it really close, but we can always postpone it and have it after Mardi Gras if the kitchen isn't ready. All my friends know when it's scheduled and know that it might be postponed, so I'm not worried about that. If we have cabinets, countertops, and appliances, the party is on whether the floor, backsplash, finish work, etc., is done or not.

After I explained my reasoning, he told me about a woman who gave him a week and a half to add on a room to her house before her son's wedding. Maybe he was trying to make me feel less nutty. I then told him about my friend who had her husband move them into their brand new house while she was in the hospital after the birth of their first child.

Have any of you scheduled your remodeling at a time that made others question your sanity?

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