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Aging in place with caffeine: which Keurig?

10 years ago

We've had a couple of threads on aging in place, but here's a question that didn't come up. My parents love their morning coffee, and a cup with Jeopardy! in the mid-afternoon. But it's getting much harder for them to pour water into the coffee maker, deal with the filter (whether paper or gold mesh), scoop the coffee in, etc. Dad is intrigued by the Keurig in one drs' waiting room, especially that you can make a cup with one hand, and he's been browsing them on Amazon. So I'm thinking if I can keep him from ordering one, *I'll* get him one for Christmas.

I know the pods are pricey, ignore that fact. We can give them pods for birthdays, mother/father day, etc! Now that they gave up golf, we need something to replace the "golf-ball-gift-pack" ;)

So, for ease of use, which model? I'm pretty sure he'll want Keurig over another brand. Can he fill the reservoir with the watersprayer at the sink? (Don't worry about the periodic cleaning, I'll probably take care of that.)

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