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Hood is finally in - backsplash decision needed

15 years ago

The company we ordered the hood material from finally said come get it. Picked it up Thursday and took it to the house on Friday. It took about a day for me and DW to finish cutting the material and install it. I have no idea on what the backsplash decision will be and I am still holding up sample pulls and knobs for the "decision" Unfortunately - no decision yet. Based on posts here, it appears we are not alone on taking forever to make these decisions. In any case, the dust (drywall, sawdust etc) levels are getting more manageable. Recessed lighting, backsplash, paint and I quit (oh year - install the knobs someday....) Thanks to all of you who have helped with the decisions

{{!gwi}}From 14 Dec

{{!gwi}}From 14 Dec


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Chronology

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