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Half wall or pass through between kitchen and dining room?

13 years ago

Still thinking about changing my include a more or less separate dining room. I don't know if I want a full wall between the dining room and kitchen, but I would like it to feel like separate spaces. I want to be able to use it for meals, tea, reading, even occasional sewing, if needed.

Right now, the dining room faces the front of the house. The kitchen is behind it, and if you're standing in the kitchen, the entry hall is to the left of the dining room, the view is out the front (southeast) and the proposed little sun porch is to the right (southwest corner). The sunporch would be small (13' x 10') with just room for a few chairs and some plants, but it would be wonderful with out long winters!

The entry to the hall is only about 4' wide, and I want to do french doors to the sunroom. Taking down part of the wall to the kitchen would really bring in more light to both spaces...and make it feel a little less formal...but I don't want stools in the dining room. Maybe a few in the kitchen, but not in the dining room.

Has anyone done a half wall (with maybe a corner post) and used bookcases or china display on the half wall? I think this would be really pretty, give me more storage and still keep the spaces a little more open.

Also planning a window seat in the dining room (southeast light) with bookcases on both sides. All the trim will be creamy/white and so will the kitchen cabinets. It's not a very bright home, so I really want to make it more sunny and cheerful :)

Now, if this works, I have to redesign the kitchen...maybe still get a fireplace or woodstove in there and a small eating/seating area. Something to do while it snows! LOL

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