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Newport Brass questions

15 years ago

I think we are going to go with Newport Brass faucets in our kitchen but I am having a hard time getting independent confirmation of information given to us by the retail salesman about the brand. My questions are:

1. Is the ORB truly a powder finish and not a living finish? On their websites it doesn't seem to be included under the powder category.

2. I want the pulldown (940 series) for my prep sink but want to make sure the quality is such that I will not have the spray hanging out of the faucet...any experience with this type of faucet and this brand? (As an aside, I'm also wondering if a 15 inch high faucet is too big for a 15 inch square prep sink.)

3. Do the faucets swivel 360 degrees?

Online none of the websites seem to provide much detailed information about the brand and the salesman has only great things to say...for the price, I hope he's right but it would be great to hear any real experience that anyone has had with this brand. Thanks!

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