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Kitchen Progress...Backsplash Suggestions Welcome

14 years ago

Hi Gardenwebers,

Photos for your "viewing pleasure". I'm into the home stretch and would like some backsplash suggestions!

Is it ok to use a tumbled matte tile with a polished granite surface? The contractor mentioned that tumbled matte tiles are best paired with honed granite and conversely shiny ceramic tiles are best paired with a shiny polished granite surface. Is this true? The surface of my granite IS polished and shiny.

I finally selected my countertop! I could not afford to do both the backsplash AND the counter in granite so I opted for the counter in granite.

The cherry pecan cabinets (Medallion) and the lighter red oak natural floor (Mercier Engineered) are somewhat contrasting.

I know what I do want (sorta) and I know what I don't want however I haven't found that "perfect tile". Here goes:

I would like a "plain" backsplash that will tie in nicely with both the cabinets and the counter. I do not want the backsplash to compete with the cabinets and the granite. I cannot do custom order tiles due to the expense and time it takes to special order. I am partial to ivory and cream, not gray, however I am open to suggestions. I would prefer an uncomplicated design and do not want to use glass. I am not fond of borders. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

See photos below...begining with the OLD kitchen:

Thanks for looking and for your help,


Old,Old Kitchen:

Space with wall and stove removed (left side) and door sealed to the right of where the dishwasher use to be:

Another view of the floor Mercier Engineered red oak natural:

Opposite wall (red pex tubing was removed):

Getting there (not really this orange looking):

Medallion cherry pecan cabinets. This photo best represents the colors of the cabinets and floor (thanks to a sunny day):

Opposite wall from above photo. There will not be any tile backsplash above the small base cabinet to the right of the pantry; instead I opted for a small 6" granite backsplash and paint above it to transition this area. Paint color will be very neutral, perhaps Benjamin Moore Linen (haven't decided):

What is to the left of the kitchen? An open dining room! I did not opt for an island. I'm looking into a light colored dining set that will blend in with the similar red oak natural color of the floor. I also need to consider inexpensive window treatments. I'm open to suggestions and probably should head into the decorating forum:

Granite slab selected is called Typhoon Bordeaux, looks VERY much like Yellow River and has bits of maroon/garnet. I thought it would go nicely with the cabinets and stainless steel appliances (all Kitchen Aid). I also thought the lighter version of Typhoon Bordeaux would provide a nice contrast as does the floor. See??? I paid attention to everyone's suggestions throughout this remodel!!! (two slab views):

Granite is going in after Thanksgiving. Backsplash suggestions much appreciated.

Happy Holidays!


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