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Backsplash help... guess I'm not done after all

8 years ago

I was absolutely sure that we knew exactly what we were doing, and we were just about to install the backsplash. We have stainless steel subway tiles (paid for and non-returnable at this point... So please keep that in mind) for the backslash. I'm still happy with how that looks on the main wall, the one that goes behind the range, etc. But now I'm struggling with the window wall. (The trim around the window needs to be caulked and painted white to match the French doors just outside the photo.)

I love the wall color and the contrast next to the cabinets. I really don't want the backsplash to extend to the end of the peninsula. And I'm not in love with the way the mocked up tiles under the sink make my faucet and water faucet blend into the backdrop. If water weren't an issue, if just not do a backsplash there. It looks great without. But water is an issue.

(Not sure if this helps any, but the door hardware is very long stainless rectangular pulls. Everything in the kitchen is angular. )

Oh, and yes, I wish I'd made the window larger. The prefect solution would be to have it extended all the way down. But it wasn't in the budget then, and it certainly isn't now. The last of the finish work is being done Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't imagine having them pull new permits and cut into my house at this point, and our savings is down to not quite scary but we better but have another major gas leak or roof issue levels. (But at least we are finishing this whole project not only without taking in any debt but without emptying my savings account.)

Please offer suggestions! Thank you!!

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