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Vendor for a non-ugly metal table base?

13 years ago

We are getting a local shop to make us a 24 x 36" table top for our small breakfast nook window seat area. Since people need to scoot around the table and into the window seat, and the table is small, we want a pedestal base rather than having legs.

We now need to find a table base (the shop said for that size it would have to be metal), and I'm hoping there are some suggestions out there for vendors who might have some? I don't want something that looks really restaurant industrial if possible! Would perhaps a bistro or cafe table base work? Or would that look weird?

The top will be made from reclaimed douglas fir, with a medium amount of distress for some character. For reference, the rest of the kitchen has natural red birch cabinets, and most of the fixtures are brushed stainless, but the cabinet hardware is in weathered bronze.

Would love to hear your ideas! Thanks in advance!

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