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Help choosing granite kitchen countertops

11 years ago

Need help choosing granite kitchen countertops. My husband and I have been looking at granite slabs for weeks and cannot agree on one. The cabinets are medium to dark wood with blacks veins in them. The refrigerator is stainless, double oven, cooktop and dishwasher are black. I want something subtle, medium to light colored. (medium to big kitchen 62 feet of granite needed). I don't really like the giallo venzenia or the imperial gold but my husband does. I feel they are to busy. We currently have white formica so those patterns are to big of a change for me. If you love your countertops please send me a photo or give me the name, I am desperate. I wish I could afford a decorator but can't, and I don't find the people at the yards helpful at all. Also, I realize if I don't come up with something soon, my husband will put it off. So frustrating. I need someone who has gone through it. Thank you

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