Help choosing kitchen sink! Torn btwn cast iron and granite composite.

last month

Hi. I've read all the threads but I'm still really torn about which kitchen sink to choose for my remodel.

I love the look of an enamelled cast iron sink, probably with a farmhouse-style apron front but I feel like a granite composite might be the more practical choice. White in either instance. I haven't completely ruled out stainless but it is really not my prefered look.

With cast iron I do worry about gray pot marks and general loss of luster over time. I'm also a little concerned about things breaking in the cast iron basin. And I feel like the sound of heavy pans scraping against the sink might hit me like nails on a chalk board. Does anyone have that issue?

Those of you with an apron front, does the front get scratched by belt buckles and the like?

I would definitely get a grid to help mitigate these problems but don't love the idea of washing a sink full of dishes with a grid in the bottom. I just prefer the feel of the smooth sink bottom, if that makes since. I guess that's a minor issue.

Those of you with double basin cast iron sinks, do you find that the divider tends to get pot marks? I cook and bake a lot and use heavy dutch ovens almost daily. I'm used to a stainless sink that takes endless abuse but I don't love the appearance.

I have a busy kitchen with mulitple active children and adults who work from home and cook frequently so the sink is in constant use. I need something low-matenenance that can withstand hot pans, careless children and lots of messy cooking projects. I will admit to not being the most concientious housekeeper.

I really want a cast iron farmhouse sink but I'm also really worried I might regret the purchase. Even my kitchen designer thinks the granite composite is the better, more user-friendly option. Help sway me one way or the other please! I have to make a decision soon.

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