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33" versus 36" lower corner cabinet

10 years ago

I had read that corner cabinets should not be less than 36" because otherwise they basically become nonfunctional. Now I have a KD who is working with me on the finalization/ordering of the cabinets recommending I go with a 36" to allow more space on each run.

Apparently, the cabinet would still have a susan unit inside of it, without pole. Access through the doors, though, seems to get pretty slim?

Those who know my situation know I am working with a small kitchen. So, going to 33" would allow for a 15" lower with drawers instead of 12" on one side - and I'm really not yet sure what it will produce on the range side.

In any case, do you think this is a deal worth making? Does anyone have a 33" corner and how do you find it?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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  • 10 years ago

    I cannot imagine how you can get anything into a 33" corner cabinet, unless you have an angled door?

    I have a 35" corner unit and I took the "pole-less" lazy susan rotating shelf off of the bottom level and can store far more without it. I wish I had removed the top lazy suzan as well. You can really store an incredible amount of stuff in these corner base cabinets if you remove the lazy susans. But then it's really only suitable for seasonal things since it is so deep. Good luck with your decision!

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  • 10 years ago

    Second the idea for the 36" corner with a 12" pull out unless you are really tight for drawer space. Then I think I'd still get a 36" corner. Those smaller ones are really tight. Too bad you couldn't find one setup in some big box store near you and you could check it out for yourself?

  • 10 years ago

    I have a 36" and can't imagine having anything smaller. Easy access is the issue. I don't have a lazy susan and use the space for large and odd sized items.

  • 10 years ago

    I had a 12" drawer stack in my old kitchen, and it was pretty hopeless.

    Do you have tray storage? I have a 9" cabinet next to my sink, perfect for cookie sheets and cutting boards, with a little drawer above (that I actually use!)

  • 10 years ago

    I have one corner where the only thing that would work is a 33" susan. The opening is small, but I store smaller things that are rarely used there and it works fine for that.

    12" drawers are pretty useless in my opinion. If I had to choose between 36" susan with 12" drawers or 33" susan with15" drawers, I'd go with the latter.

  • 10 years ago

    Vote for 33". They are very functional. We had a similar similar decision and opted for the 33" to allow for larger cabinets/drawers on either side of it.

    We had difficulty with the decision at the time because everyone was saying 36" that is what we "thought" we shoud do. Finally, DD remarked that she really liked the size at "Grams" house ... that it worked great and she wondered what size it was a 33". Decision made.

    I just went to visit my DD and we both remarked more than once how glad we were she went with the 33" (it's her house but they had me do the design based on their preferences).

  • 10 years ago

    OR, can you skip the corner altogether and add the inches to the drawer bases? Your 12 would be a 24, etc...

  • 10 years ago

    I have a 36 and a 33. Love them both. I just put different things in the 33, like colanders, serving platters,etc. No big deal.

  • 10 years ago

    Steph, can you post a layout of your kitchen and maybe we can help come up with better options for you. I looked and cannot find anywhere you posted a layout. Only 3D views of your kitchen. Are your cabinets framed or frameless ? A 12" drawer isn't useless in frameless ! I also like the idea of drawer over tray storage.

  • 10 years ago

    Thanks for all the input. I am going with frameless - Bellmont 1900.

    Firstly, I totally appreciate the concerns about the functionality of a 12" drawer stack. I have very little happening in this kitchen in terms of drawers. In earlier layout discussions, people encouraged me to replace the 12" pullout I had there with drawers. My own drawers are on the peninsula. I have 2 30" 3-drawer stacks with a microwave cabinet in the middle. That only leaves the 2 top drawers for silverware, knives, etc. So...the thinking was that the 12" drawer stack would provide a place for the grill utensils, the tin foil/ziplock bags, etc. I expressed concern to the KD about the 12" being functional - which she then took as discretion to change the corner to 33".

    I'm really reluctant to block off the corner, given how small the kitchen is. I was thinking it would be a place for the toaster, blender, crockpot, etc - or maybe extra pots/pans that don't fit in the drawers. I guess I could rethink that, especially if we end up going with skinny pantries in the DR area. The benefit would be that I could go with drawers on each side of the range instead of doors/pullouts. But, it actually makes things more awkward on the sink side and I'm really not sure it's wise for me to create a dead corner in this small kitchen.

    I just know I hated my blind corner in the last kitchen and I want whatever we have to be functional and not frustrating...

    I'd also like the little range nook to appear as symmetrical as possible - which is another reason to go with a larger corner unit.

    I can't show you an exact layout, but I can give you some earlier renditions and options we are considering. I never mastered this graph paper thing GW likes from its users...

    Here's an earlier layout draft of the lowers my partner worked up. I think the cabinet to the right of the range is going to be 15" instead of 12", decreasing the peninsula by 3" to a 12" overhang. We are nalso going with a 30-33" fridge, but that won't matter much for today's purpose.

  • 10 years ago

    If your drawing is fairly current, I don't know how you could do much better than a 36" super susan. I wouldn't want to move the range 3" to the left - that corner is already a tight squeeze.

    Even closing off the corner doesn't help, because of the short space from corner to range. With the filler required to make sure drawers can open, you'd have less than 12" to work with on each side.

    In the peninsula side, will you have access to the corner cabinet from the back?

  • 10 years ago

    There's no corner cabinet on the peninsula side of the run. There is a bumpout there for the W/D units on the other side of that wall. The 15" cabinet on the inside of the peninsula run will face outside the kitchen. It's basically acting as filler for that bumpout and I think it will either be for mail/chargers or file drawers or something.

    Something like this, but probably with a door instead of drawers, so it can look seamless with the panels on the peninsula.

  • 10 years ago

    Can you try out the 33" lazy susan of your particular cabinet line? Maybe some have more accessible openings than others? It might also be useful to try out the 12" bank of drawers with some objects, will the glides be bottom mount, cuz if they're side mount, even less space. Perhaps a 12" pullout for trash, or trays/cookie sheets like suggested, close to the oven could be really handy. (But, maybe your over the fridge cabinet will be used for trays, etc.?) What about an appliance lift?

    My DH made a super susan for one of our corners, still have the wire one with a pole on the other side (On to-do list). I would estimate we have about 50% more storage now, he designed the shelves so that they practically kiss the walls of the cabinet, unlike the wire one which leaves several inches on either side, which I use to store vases, etc... So even lazy susans whether 33" or 36" can vary quite dramatically in how much they store!

  • 10 years ago

    We have a 37" corner lazy susan cabinet (Ikea, size is weird), then our oven/cooktop, then a 12" pullout to its right. We store all our pots and pans in the lazy susan corner cabinet, and I would not want that opening to be any smaller. We did debate going with a different cabinet line and using a 33" corner cab to get a 15" drawer stack on the right of the oven, but we decided that we didn't want there to be only 9" to the corner left of the oven. We have found our 12" pullout to be very useful as it is. The top drawers of the pullout hold potholders and spices, and the lowest level holds our dog food.

    So, all that is to say, I'd stick with the 36" corner cab and the 12" on the right of the oven. Reducing your peninsula overhang to 12" from 15" would also be a big negative to me. I don't think 12" is really enough for comfortable seating.

  • 10 years ago

    raehelen - Unfortunately, the displays in town for Bellmont are very limited. I can't see a full kitchen in these cabinets. I wish I could really put my hands on all the options and see what I am getting, but I can't. I'll pop in to the few places that sell them again, though, and see what I can figure out. I don't need an appliance lift, but could use a place for pet food. The concern I have is my lack of drawers...

    dee850 - If we had a local IKEA, we'd probably go with IKEA cabinets. I love their 12" and 15" lower pullouts with those inner shelves. I've even tried to figure out if I could possibly buy the Rationell shelves for them and hack them into another cabinet line. People seem iffy on whether that is doable... but I love that cabinet and would love to have one next to my range.

    It's really helpful to hear from someone who has a similar layout, too. On another thread, I went back and forth about whether to put the extra inches on the peninsula or on the aisle. It sounds like it worked well for you to have a narrow aisle and a deeper overhang.

    It's funny how every time I post on layout, the same issues cycle around with the opposing view. Dizzying, but funny!

    Can't wait for the order to be finalized so I can't spin around on these issues any more...

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  • 10 years ago

    Could you get a slightly smaller sink, and use a 33" base? That increases your drawer stack to the right of the sink from 18 to 24".

    I assume all the bases on the peninsula are drawers (except the one facing the other way, which you already mentioned)? That seems like a lot of drawers to me!

    Have you laid out where everything will go in the new kitchen? Potholders, cooking utensils, silverware, mixer, etc. I found that to be the most important phase of planning my kitchen. My cabinets were built locally, so I wasn't limited by any sizes. The best part of that was specifying drawer heights, so I could put cake pans on their sides, and make sure my sugar and flour canisters fit. In my 3-drawer stacks, the bottom drawer is taller than the middle one. If they were the same height, nothing would have fit properly. I also specified the height of my super susan shelf, to make sure my crock pot and rice cooker would fit.

  • 10 years ago

    I could go with a smaller sink. I just fell in love with this houzer sink that had an integrated colander and cutting board. That being said, I know a 36" sink base might be a luxury I can't afford.

    I've tried to figure out where everything will go in the next kitchen, though I can't specify things like you can when you go custom. There's two or three things that are consistently lacking and I'll have to eventually choose between - a pullout/space for pet food, a spot for cookie sheets/narrow trays/etc, and sufficient narrow drawers for grill stuff, ziplocks, miscelleous stuff like potholders, weird gadgets, etc. I'm also not convinced we have a good spot for mail/chargers/junk.

    When you are working with a tiny space like mine, and tore down a wall to boot, it gets a little dicey. I am forever robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • 2 years ago

    I have a 33 inch base corner with susan. Don't like it! I find it restrictive to put things in.. It works ok for food items but still annoying. I am looking at a 36/33 to use for food items so I can have a 12 inch cabinet next to it instead of a 9. Decided on a 36/36 on other side of kitchen for appliances with a 12? My question is which is better a 36 corner with susan and a 9 or 36/33 with a 12 ? Opening seems very important! Would appreciate any suggestions!