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Nearing the end of the kitchen remodel

I'm getting so excited, I just had to post. I have been lurking here and posting occasionally for many years. Soaking up all the info like a sponge. We decided to be the General Contractors for our remodel and so far things have been going pretty smoothly-knock on wood!

Seems like we were in the planning stages for years, due to budget issues, procrastination, and of course, all the indecision about what we really wanted and needed. Once we decided we were really ready to do this, I think I panicked, and just couldn't make decisions for awhile. Once I was able to decide on the cabinet style and colors, things just rolled along.

I had a designer draw up a plan which was pretty close to what I thought I wanted but ended up tweaking it quite a bit in the end. We decided to splurge on our cabinetry after meeting with a local custom cabinet maker and I am so glad. He has been wonderful to work with. The cabinet maker and I met for many hours going over all the details until we were both satisfied with the end product. As fellow TKO's, you know there are tons of details!

I have basically been in charge of all the research, appointments, billings and job scheduling while my husband has done most of the hard labor. I have helped with some of the labor and we also hired a contractor to work with us to install a new door, move a window and repair siding. We did the demo including popcorn ceiling removal, insulating, painting. Hired electrician, plumber, HVAC, sheetrocker, hardwood flooring installer and of course the cabinet maker who also handles the install of the cabinetry.

I think we started doing a little demo near the end of July, but really kicked it up in August. We re-used the existing cabinets in the basement. Subs started working the last week in August and my cabinets were delivered Sept.30. The installer is here now working on them. They are absolutely gorgeous. I'm just so excited now that we are nearing the end.

I don't have pictures ready to post yet because I am having an issue with my photobucket, but I will try to get that straightened out soon. We are looking at counter top installation in two weeks so, if all goes as scheduled, I will have my kitchen back shortly after that. Woohoo!!

Thanks and sorry for such a long post with no pictures attached but soon-very soon! I just had to share with all of you TKO friends, cuz you know what it's like.

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