All fridge/freezer units..........worth it?

13 years ago

We are finalizing our appliance choices this week and we leaning toward the new SZ 48" SXS. Fortunately, we have the space (and budget) for separate all fridge/freezer units. We really liked the Thermador columns like many here do and we even thought about the SZ separate 36" units. If we chose separate units, we would separate the units on each side of the wall to give a symmetric and balanced look which we think looks great.

My question is; is it worth the extra cost (about $2-3 K) in our case for this? Sure you get more space and the nice look, but is it really worth it. I would like to hear from those who have separate units and think it was a good or bad decision. We are certain that for our family, a 48" SXS would offer enough space.

Thanks in advance

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