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Crack in slab pre-fabrication: work around it or get new slab?

11 years ago

Our fabricator found a crack in one of our 3 selected slabs of rain forest green. They have suggested that they might be able to work around the cracked portion, depending on how the templates fit. I am concerned that if there is a crack already, it may indicate that the slab is particularly weak for some reason, or otherwise defective. The problem is that this was our favorite of the 3 slabs (of course!) so my spouse is predisposed to using it if we can. There is another slab available (I haven't seen it yet, but my KD did and says it's beautiful). Should we risk it and go with the cracked slab if the templates fit in such a way that the cracked portion isn't needed? Or trade it for another to be on the safe side? Thanks for your thoughts.

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