Crack in my granite slab -- should I be concerned?

10 years ago

My super white granite (quartzite) slabs finally arrived at my fabricator's and I was able to go in yesterday to take a look. Much to my disappointment, there is a large crack that runs from top to bottom of one of the two slabs, about 1/4 of the way in from the side. Apparently, it occurred during transportation and the supplier is aware of it. Both my fabricator and the supplier are willing to reship replacement slabs if that is what I want. My fabricator thinks that he can work around the crack. Most of the large pieces, including island, would come from the uncracked slab while smaller countertop pieces would come from the cracked slab. He thinks it should be fine. Of course, we will have to wait until templating takes place to know for certain. I already have 2 more slabs on hold with the supplier.

If they can work around the crack, is there any reason I should still be concerned? Could the integrity of the slab, especially near the crack, be compromised in any way?

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