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Paint job from pro. Am I too picky?

12 years ago

Almost finished! Just have floor refinishing and paint touch up to go.

The painters did a fabulous job on staining and painting my cabinets. But the wall paint job is just ok.

We removed wallpaper - it came off easy with no damage to drywall. Then they rolled one coat of my wall paint (taupe green,) patched and sanded, then rolled the second coat.

I have a very particular eye. Upon my close inspection, I still see some small drips, divot/chips, some poor coverage area.

Some people would not notice anything, but I see them.

Should I expect perfection on wall surface? Shouldn't they have used a tinted primer and then 2 coats of paint?

Before I plan my approach on touch ups, I would love to hear everyone's opinion.

I do hold over half of their (large) payment. :)


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