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Powder room wallpaper - whole wall or half?

14 years ago

Hi there - I'm in the midst of major reno, spending most of my time worrying about the kitchen, but I need to focus on the powder room for a moment! Our house will be quite modern, with a bit of a 'retro' feel. The powder room is small(ish), (7' by 4'9"). We have choosen our sink, a modern looking pedestal, a round mirror and our toilet (the Toto acquia). Other than that, it is a blank slate of drywall.

I'd like to be fairly daring and have fallen for this retro green wallpaper (see link). First - does this seem like a rationale choice for a small room?? Second - I'm leaning towards papering the upper half of the walls and simply painting the lower half in a complementary neutral colour. Given how busy this wallpaper is, does that seem like a good decision or should I just paper the whole wall?

Thanks very much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hula in Green

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