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has anyone bought lamps from JC Penney? (&free ship code?)

13 years ago

I'm looking at this one. We want something reasonably sized with a base that can basically be tucked under a couch, to light reading on the couch. (Some of you may remember my ecstatic thread a while back about my wonderful interior "re"designer. I still love him, but he moved the couch into the middle of the LR, away from the lamp... we should have bought another lamp aeons ago!)

Price is right, size seems OK, but is it worth paying shipping to check it out? (I can return it to the local JCP if it's ugly.) Has anyone else had experiences with JCP lamps?

also, does anyone have a free shipping code on hand, so I don't have to pay to test it? (:

Molto grazie!

Here is a link that might be useful: nifty LR lamp

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