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Need input: gap at end of counter before adding backsplash

11 years ago

Hi, I'd like some input on options for how to make this look good (well, at least better than it does).

Here's the situation:

We have a bi-level penninsula.

The countertop is full bullnose.

The knee wall for the upper level runs 3/4 inches past the lower level cabinet run so that the bullnose edge of the lower counter top ends right where the edge of the knee wall ends.

Picture of that end:

We're planning on adding a backsplash, and have held off deciding what tiles, etc as we got used to the color scheme and light in our new kitchen.

My dilemna has multiple parts:

A: I'm not sure where to end the backsplash (the curved end piece of the backsplash). Should it end at the lower counter edge where the bullnose curve just starts to curve downward? That would be a half inch inward from the edge of the knee wall (right side):

B: The countertop guys left a quarter inch gap between the lower counter and the knee wall. (This should have been tight and perfect, as it was a brand new wall. Don't get me started about the counter guys. They were the worst part of my reno experience, and I'll share it in a separate thread.)



What's the best way to make that end look better?

I did not freak out about the gap along the whole length of that piece, as the backsplash tile will cover most of it. But it won't cover that bullnose end, or underneath.

(Replacing the countertop piece is not viable for me at this time, for a variety of reasons.)



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