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almost finished white kitchen, wood counters-need backsplash help

12 years ago

I was originally thinking I wanted smoked or antiqued mirrored tiles as a backsplash here. I did start a thread about it recently. As I looked at the kitchen, I started thinking I wanted color...some muted greens and browns which would blend with the family room which my kitchen opens up to. However, I keep going back to the antiqued/smoked mirror idea. As I look at finished kitchens that are white, I see a lot of creamy white or completely white backsplashes. I love these looks, so maybe my antiqued mirror tile backsplash is not so "blah?"

I have no natural light in my kitchen, so the mirrored tiles would reflect some light. I want heavily smoked/antiqued so as not to have the "floating torso syndrome" that I know can happen w/regular mirrored tiles. My cooktop is not on the perimeter counters (is on the island) so there are some splatters that won't happen. Plus, I am trying to be somewhat "different" and also staying true to the 70s faux spanish ranch house that I live in. In the home I grew up in in the 70s, we had our foyer paneled in smoked mirrors and I remember it fondly.

This ends the question part of my post! The rest is just general blah blah blah. I try to keep my posts simple but sometimes get some negativity and I am trying to ward some of that off with my next few can stop reading here and skip to the pics below if you are simply going to answer my backsplash question! :)

I have never been able to figure out how to post pics. I have worked on it and tested on the test forum for about an hour, but I think my enlarged pics will be blurry. I apologize. They were too small before, but when I "resized" they seemed blurry, but I have been messing with it for far too long and I am getting tired of it!

A few disclaimers...I am only asking a specific question here. I know the doors still need to be "shimmed" or whatever it is called, and there are some other tweaks that need to be done. That's why I wanted to wait to show pictures! I don't want to list all the things that still need to be done. My husband built this kitchen FROM SCRATCH. The boxes, the shaker style doors...he has worked so hard. He ran the electrical, did the gas line from the exterior of the house to the island for my cooktop, hung drywall, stained the island, painted the perimeter doors...he is wonderful and as far as I am concerned everything is PERFECT! So thank you for commenting on the backsplash ONLY! :)

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