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Are YOU buying books in Danish that you Can't Read?

11 years ago

Okay, maybe this is apropos of the "Spending too Much on Decorating" thread, but over at Joss & Main they are selling collections of books (about 7 - 9 books), all of them in Danish and Swedish, for $199 bucks.

I don't think they're first editions or anything rare. Pretty books, nice bindings but I've seen books like these at my local library sale and used bookstore for a fraction of that price. And the ones I see locally are in English and by well known authors whose work you might actually look at.

I guess this is a little rant. I don't get the attraction of sites like Joss & Main. I signed on because This Young House really was into the site. Well, after a couple weeks browsing online (um, aka "wasting time") I just don't get the fuss.

To me paying top dollar for items that you can't "test drive" and can't return (it's all final sale) seems silly. Some of what I see on their looks like it's only about HomeGoods quality (which is fine, I love Homegoods, but they're charging a pretty penny for it).

Also, while each of these collections is promoted as individual and unique, I keep seeing the same items repackaged with new individual and unique collections. I have the sense that they are just reorganizing the items that don't sell into new themes and putting them back up for sale.

What do y'all think? Would you pay about two hundred bucks (plus shipping) for old Danish books for decor? What am I missing here?

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