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Just when things started to calm down

16 years ago

I know some of you have been following the craziness of my life lately. I had a big presentation I've been working on for my speech class. Well, I finally got it done today and I feel like I can finally get back to some of the smaller things I've been working on. My 13 year son (you know, the one that just broke his collarbone) was decorating the Christmas tree for me and asked if we could also put up this little tree that we have. I told him we could thinking I'd get it down some time tomorrow. Well, I didn't even hear him go outside, but he decided to go up in the attic and he was going to pull it to the ladder and then let me go up and get it. Well, I heard this horrible crash and my heart just sank because I thought he'd fallen down the ladder. I ran out to the garage and he had stepped through the ceiling and thankfully he caught himself, but there's this huge hole and my husband has these 6' - 7' flourescent (sp?) lights attached to the ceiling. Well, one of them fell and is just hanging by the wires and the bulb shattered all over the place. Of course, my main concern was Justin and we're not sure yet if he reinjured his collarbone, but oh what a mess I had to clean up. I'm really ready for a calm, boring life :)


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