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How can I make these nightstands work with this headboard?

12 years ago

We're coming to the close our our renovation and I'm getting excited to see our rooms put together. Some of our furniture has been stored for so long I don't even remember what it looks like.

Here's our existing headboard. Even though my tastes have changed a bit since we got it, I still think it's OK and I'd like to use it for now.

Ignore the rest of the room since that room has now been torn down and rebuilt (and I actually have a wall tall enough to use the headboard without putting the bed at an angle!).

I picked up two of these nightstands this weekend. I quite like them and they are the right size (and I like the breadboard-type pull out for more space). However, I realize they are very different in style to the headboard. They are also slightly darker in tone than the headboard but the new bamboo floors we'll be putting in have both tones in them.

They were inexpensive, so I'm willing to redo them a little to make them work a little more. I don't need matchy matchy (in fact I generally don't care for it) but I do think things in a room should coordinate.

One other factor to consider: We won't have any dressers or other furniture in the room. Instead we're having built-ins put in along one whole wall with a window seat. The built-ins will be painted off-white to match all the other white in the house.

Options that I've toyed with for the nightstand:

1. Paint all or part of it white or another color

2. Back the door with woven cane

3. Some combination of those?

4. Other?

The nightstands come disassembled and if I'm going to be refinishing them, it would be much easier to do before they were assembled.

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