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Color & height of candles

15 years ago

Or, clueless, part 3.

I swapped the multicolored glass plate that was ineffective next to my fireplace (because it was all but invisible) for the oval aluminum tray that had been on the coffee table. Then I started trying out various combinations of candleholders and candles next to it. I found that (a) nothing I had worked, (b) narrow candles were too lightweight, (c) dark blue candles were just about invisible, and (d) I didn't want anything silvery there.

So I bought a pair of ceramic stands for pillar candles.

These are 8 and 12 inches high. FWIW, when I bought them I thought that the bottom, widest stripe was a tan similar to the sofa, but it is actually rather green. I had planned to look for candles about the same tan, but I like the blue and don't really want to add any more green there.

The questions are: what color pillar candles to use with these, and how tall they should be. I have never used pillar candles anywhere before, another thing about which I'm clueless.

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