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help choose: hardwood floors/no radiant heat OR linoleum/yes heat

13 years ago


Please help choose:

A. hardwood floor and no radiant heating or

B. linoleum sheets (no grout lines) and yes radiant heating?

Background: we're a colonial house w/ cold New England weather.

We have this open floor plan (kitchen, familyroom, and diningroom)of almost 700sqft, and I want one type of flooring for them. BUT we have a budget crunch and something has to go.

So if you have radiant floors, would you give it up to get hardwood floors? Or vice versa: if you have hardwood, would you give them up for warm toesies?

Because of the open floor plan, a lot of doorway/glass doors, and our hot-water baseboard heat, we really don't have many remaining walls for the baseboard heat. And it would be so much warmer w/ the radiant floor heating.

But most people's feedback is horror when they hear that I wouldn't put in hardwoods for my colonial.

Thank you so much for your input.


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