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Please check my tiny kitchen layout. ;)

14 years ago

Hi everyone!! I've been a longtime reader of this forum and think there are some wonderfully helpful people here.

I'm posting a layout of my tiny kitchen to see if there are any really obvious problems that I am missing.

It is very small, strange shaped, and is only temporary, for probably 2-3 years. We are living in about 750 sq ft. while waiting for our previous home to sell so we can build. The kitchen right now is horrid so anything will be better. ;-)

Several things can be changed if needed. The walls marked 10' and 5' 9" do not exist and can change. The pantry is awkward where it is but I'd prefer not to have to move that wall right now, there are electric lines in it. Prefer that the DW, sink and range stay where they are, plumbing and wires are already there for them. (Although the range would not be too much trouble to move, the outside wall seems the best place for the ventilation hood.) The woodstove (right of the 10' wall) must stay but can be moved slightly or angled left or right.

Prefer to put a small table in there somewhere. There is no separate dining area. There are only 2 of us, hubby and I. We rarely have guests.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Any questions, just ask.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!!



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