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I swear this is my very last layout for my tiny kitchen

11 years ago

I swear people, this is my very last layout, 2 years of torment will finally be coming to an end. Please help me decide!

I have a tiny kitchen, 110x101, with everything in the L shape layout using a 30 in gas stove, 18 in DW and 24 in fridge - we have 96 in ceilings and are using 39 in tall cabs with a 3 in filler that will have a 2 inch simple crown attached. We are using maple cabinets in a white painted finish, full overlay (a simple shaker style door).

What I have now


Layout 1 - Corner sink. After 2 years of this torment, this is what I went with but am having second thoughts. DH really does wash all the dishes and he loves this layout. We went to play in the 36 in corner sink layout at the store and you know it wasn't bad so why am I having second thoughts? The sink was a single bowl rectangular undermount 25x22 set 4 inches back and 10 inches deep. They had a 21 in cab + filler between the sink and DW, I have 18 in which is more than enough. I started out wanting the 42 in corner so I could get a large sink. When that didn't work, I went down to the 39 in angle sink front but then found out the sink I was told would fit doesn't so then I went down to the 36 in corner sink cab which actually made the cabinets cheaper since I was spending more and there was a sale, if that makes any sense! I like the symmetry over the stove and the benefit of this design is that there is good countertop work space on either side of the sink and the stove is on the outside wall for ease of venting. We have no ventilation now and this was a motivating factor for this layout. We were thinking about taking out the cast iron radiator that is currently next to the patio door and going with radiant heat in the floor OR a toe kick heater but the toe kick heater can only be placed in the 30 in 1db immediately to the left of the sink which might burn your toes when you are working at the sink?

Base - small filler, 12 in FHD, 30 in gas stove, 30 in 1DB, 36 in corner sink base, 18 in 4DB, 18 in DW, DW countertop support, fridge panel, 24 in fridge, small filler

Wall - small filler, 12 in LH, 30 in vent cab, 12 in RH, window, 24x24 wood lazy susan, 30 in cab, 18 in RH, fridge panel, 24x24x18 fridge cab, filler

Layout 1


I do really love how the KD finalized my rough layout - it's just that I am not in love with a corner sink so even though I have drawn up my kitchen 500 times over the last two years and really thought the corner sink was the only option, yesterday I did it for the 501st time and came up with an alternate layout:

Layout 2 - Still a small sink cab, only 27 inches, but not in the corner and nice work space to the left of the stove. This makes venting the stove very difficult but it is furthest from the patio door and essentially where it is now but it is right next to the doorway from the dining room which is the only way into the kitchen.

Base - 24 FR, FR panel, DW countertop support, 18 DW, 27 sink cab, 36 wood lazy susan, 24 in 4db, 30 gas stove, 9 FHD, small filler

Wall - small filler, 24x24x18 FR cab, 18 LH, window, 12 in RH, 24x24 wood lazy susan, 36 cab, 30 in vent cab, 9 in RH, small filler


I think Layout 1 is much prettier and love the symmetry in the stove area but feel Layout 2 may be more functional especially with regards to the DW even though it's only an 18 inch landing to the left of the sink; however I may be placing too much emphasis on the DW. We did disconnect the stove from where it is now and put it where it is in Layout 1 and it was very nice there and it would be so easy to vent it. Even now, when you boil a pot of water to make ice tea, the condensation that builds up on the window and patio door is unbelievable.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - The story with the DW is that we don't have one now. I wanted a 24 DW in the worst way but it is only DH and I, not big entertainers, plus our pets. I drew up my corner sink layout with a 12 in FHD and 24 DW but then we decided I definitely needed a drawer stack so that's why I went down to the 18 DW and added that 6 inches to the 12 FHD making it an 18 in 4DB. I only host Thanksgiving. We did score an 18 DW on clearance yesterday for $139, originally $549, brand new, just out of the box, no scratches or dents, still shrink wrapped with a stainless interior. I did have my hopes set on a panel ready but he has made it quite clear to me that he has no intention of using the DW ever so before we waste $700-$800 on a DW, let's give this a whirl and see if we like it. I think he's crazy but okay I have to live with him and, by the way, he did tell me yesterday I was on his last nerve but I digress.

Hopefully you are still reading and I haven't bored you with too much information but I would really welcome your thoughts, good and bad! Thank you so so much!

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