OT- I Love a Summer Rain

8 years ago

Triple H's today: hazy, hot and humid. And, I live in Maine so these awful days are not too numerous, but today was one. So hot you sweat where you sat, So humid, I emptied my basement dehumidifier 3x. But then, as I sat at the table staring west in the early evening, I saw the light change. The western blue was an eerie blue grey, the southern expanse still gold and warm. "It's coming", I said,
My husband said "I don't see anything"
Minutes later the birches in the meadow began to bend and sway. My son said, "I smell the tide." Then, the sky opened. Large rain drops pounded the roof, the deck, the gravel. Chicks scattered for cover.
And, I felt a slight chill in the air- aaah!
PS please dont let the western Maine peach orchards have gotten hail!!!! They don't need that!

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