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Do you have to have a certain style house to do cherry shaker?

14 years ago

Another question - you guys really have the patience of Job to put up with all these questions. I feel like as I get closer to the end of the design process (days away), the questions come fast and furiously!

On Monday the cab maker is coming back with the final design and bid for my plan which is going to be raised panel, white painted, glazed perimeter and walnut island.

If this comes back unaffordable with no way to tweak it into affordability, I want to have a plan B in pocket. I love the cherry shaker/soapstone look, and it would be less expensive than plan A above, but my house isn't that style. Can it be blended and tweaked to match or will it just look misplaced?

The main concern is that I planned to have a millworked archway (7' opening) leading to the dining room right in the kitchen sitting right between a cabinet run and pantry. Do arches fit with that shaker style which is so predominately square? The hood was also going to have an arch in it.

Here is a rough rendering of the arch (with no millwork due to software limitations):

Here are other details of our house, which was built in 1998:

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