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U-shaped kitchen: how much space inside the U?

12 years ago

I'm idly mulling a major, very-much-in-the-future kitchen remodel and what I've always wanted is a u-shaped working area of the kitchen. That's always struck me as a very efficient working layout for a single cook: a large amount of counter space can be reached without carrying e.g. hot pots back and forth across open space, and guests/helpers can sit on the other side of a counter and be out of the way. In my hypothetical space, two adjacent walls would have lower and upper cabinets, and the third side of the U would have just lower cabs and a counter separating the working area of the kitchen from a breakfast area. I wouldn't want an island. Here's my question: for those of you who have U-shaped kitchens and cook alone most or all of the time, how much space do you think is the right amount to have inside the U? Are there "gotcha" things you wish you'd thought about when planning the space? The swing of oven, fridge, and dishwasher doors seems an obvious thing, but I'd be curious about your sense of what it's like to work in larger vs. more compact U's.


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