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Seeking Kitchen Layout Advice

12 years ago

Seeking advice, please.

This started out as a "simple" update to our 12-year old kitchen: one, two, three & done, right?

ONE: replace laminate with granite (Golden Thunder; thought it would go well w/ our natural maple cabinets that have yellowed + dark grey floor tile).

TWO: replace radiant smooth top w/ induction + new downdraft. (Thanks to GW for all the good info about induction.)

THREE: replace drop-in sink with SS undermount sink.

Well, and FOUR, replace window over sink with bow window that is at countertop height. (Thanks to all the GW posts of examples of counter-top height windows!)

Sooo, while continuing to read through GW posts, got to thinking about some "minimal" moves (ha!): mostly swinging the cook top area around to make more of a galley-type kitchen.

The change,

* would require taking up some floor tile and installing some where cabinets are now -- but we have LOTS that we've hoarded from the original job.

* would require new wiring, but induction will anyway because of need for 50 AMP service.

* would require some reducting for downdraft - but basement is directly below, so that's "easy," right?!

What I like about the proposal is that more of the counter will be usable + more countertop to show off the granite. But does the plan make sense? This is where we need eyes and minds other than ours.

Note: In the "Existing Kitchen Layout," the refrig really is outside of the drawing space and the door to the "alternate" entry area is also wider -- just wouldn't fit on the plan. But I didn't want folks to think we were sans fridge. (Also, we do know that the refrig is not in the best place, but we're used to it where it is and it works for us.)

Ok, I'll stop now and listen for your thoughts.

Thank you in advance.

Here's the existing kitchen. A year or so ago, we took down the wall between the kitchen and the family room ("below" the drawing), pushed the refrig into the family room a bit, and added the baking area. So that cabinet just sits on the tile (as does the wire shelving in front of it). The kitchen is also open to the dining area (to the right of the drawing).

From Kitchen Reno

And here's what we're thinking of doing. Oh, yes, the current long stretch of cabinetry butts right up to the tall windows in the dining area. So the cabinetry (or anything else) has to stop where it does (at the top right of the drawing area).

From Kitchen Reno

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