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Seeking advice on Kitchen Layout

5 years ago

I'm laying out a kitchen in a wide open space. The plumbing hasn't been done yet - so the kitchen layout is wide open.

I think a kitchen with an L-shape makes sense for my layout. The leg with the sink will have countertop seating. I wanted to get some feedback from people who've gone through the process.

Some of the things I'm debating are :

1. Electric Wall oven & gas cooktop vs all in one range. The price difference is significant. $1700 vs $700. Plus the cost of the wall oven cabinet. IMO the wall oven cabinet looks way slicker. If I go with traditional all in one range, where do you put the microwave so the lines look clean? The microwave on the countertop looks clumsy and takes up a lot of real estate.

2. Kitchen sink on the wall or cooktop/ range on the wall. If sink is on the wall, then the cooktop/range will need an island range hood. If sink is on the peninsula I need to run an island vent.

3. I used Fabuwood on my last reno. Great cabinets, already assembled, 1/2" thick frames with real wood doors and a modern styles. Soft close doors, etc. This reno is a bit lower budget. Does anyone have any experience with Ikea kitchens. Is putting together all those cabinets a pain in the ass? The showrooms look slick, but i wonder how durable the cabinets are.

4. What's the ideal amount of countertop space? If I go with a wall oven layout I would have about 7' of countertop space. This is a 3 bedroom apartment that will likely rent to 3-4 single people. That's the clientele in this part of NYC.

5. Is the L-shape the way to go here???

I created a rough diagram of how the kitchen could be layed out. I wanted to offset the peninsula leg away from the main entrance to make the walkway as wide as possible. I don't want the kitchen reaching any further into the living space.

Notes on the diagram:
-The cabinet b/w the fridge and the range could be wall oven cabinet
-The cabinet in the corner (b/w the dishwasher and sink) will be a corner style cabinet. My software didn't have a corner style cabinet available.

Looking for input!


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