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Help! What Did You Pay For Recessed Lites & Install!

13 years ago

I just got a quote from my lighting guy for my recessed lights. I do NOT have details of what he is using, but the entire price for 12 down lights with LED bulbs and standard trims (plus 3 incandescent downlights/trims/lamps for another area not related to the kitchen plus 5 switches) came out to $4250.

Does this seem high? I'm making an assumption that the switches were maybe $50-100 each so I'll take off $250 from that quote to round off - $4000. I'll take off another $400 for the incandescent, since he gave me another price to use incandescents in lieu of LED if I found this price too high and that was $2580 for 15 lights installed with 5 switches.

This brings the grand total to about $3600 for JUST the LED recessed lights or, $300 per light for product and installation.

High or sounds right?


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