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need some help choosing the flooring (hardwood)

12 years ago


we are getting new hardwood throughout our first floor, incl-uding the kitchen. Here is a picture of how the kitchen looked when we bought the home. The only change is now the walls are a soft-ish yellow. We are going to change the countertops but at this time we aren't going to change the cabinets. I have a designer friend who suggested we won't be able to go darker on the floors because of the cabinet color. That doesn't leave us a lot of options other than maple (we want something very hard) but several people told us maple is a 'country' styled wood and I absolutely don't want our style/decor to look country in any way.

So what I'm wondering is what other options you think may look good besides a natural maple. We are going to choose a site finished wood by the way.

here are a couple of pictures of the other areas that will have the same hardwood as the kitchen:

the room in the back there will also have the same flooring:

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