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8 yr old Granite- Perfect till yesterday then the etch panic

14 years ago

Well we have an 8 yr old Granite countertop. I think it was Juparana Fantastico.

We have never had any stains or surface sheen issues that didn't wipe off easily till last night. I am the DH but work out of the house and most observant one. I am the person who thinks the countertop is never clean unless I do it. The wife and or kids will clean up the kitchen and then I go in and the counter feels like it has sand on it or is visible dirty. There are lots of windows and I have tried to teach them to use the glare test and the finger test but some things cannot be taught.

Well after the maid came yesterday we has spots that were in the shape of household cleaning bottles. I freaked and the wife did too and tried for 30 minutes to scrub them off at this time I was considering firing the maid and trying to remain under arterial burst pressure. The objects were still there when I went to bed and this morning too. I swore that the crystals looked less shinny than some in a oval pattern and I was reading about etching and was even more freaked. Luckily I also read about using a razor to scrape off the coating or whatever and tried that. It appears that the stains will scrape off and the counter tops will once again be shinny and will pass my glare test.

Can you please tell my what happened?

Also tell me if this granite type is less prone to etching and maybe how to best care for it going forward as I think it was only recoated with sealant once in the 8 years and not in the last 5.

The maid does use Granite Gold daily cleaner and polish protector occasionally.??

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