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What to put on or do with empty wall in kitchen???

15 years ago

We're putting in a kitchen in our "weekend" place (it's actually a pole barn with one side finished living space).

We have some cabinets that someone didn't want when they remodeled their kitchen....we're refinishing them and painting them...probably an off-white...and are going to use them in this kitchen.

We don't need a lot of we're not installing alot. We have an L-shapped kitchen with one wall housing the sink, the other the range and refrigerator.

On our sink wall, we may have a small window... or no window...however, we'll have no cabinets on this wall either...all the uppers will be on the range wall.

My question...(I know, finally!) how did you use your wall in your kitchen where you don't have alot of windows and you have no upper seems as though any ph otos I see either have upper cabinets or a window....but what do you do with your kitchen walls where you don't have either..or a big blank space...just curious...Thanks!

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