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Layout Help - Kitchen in Beach Cottage

15 years ago

Looking for feedback, suggestions, etc on kitchen layout in a beach cottage.

This is going to be new construction on a 6+ bedroom beach cottage that will be mostly used for weekly vacation rentals. It will be able to sleep a maximum of 28 people, although I imagine most of the rentals will be MUCH less people than that, maybe 14-20.

We are planning to use two regular full-size refrigerators recessed in the wall to look counter depth. Because of the number of people this home will be able to sleep we will also need a separate ice maker and 2 dishwashers (will most likely opt for no icemakers in the freezers to maximize available freezer space). However, because the rentals are typically for one week at a time, there does not need to be a large pantry like you would have in a primary residence.

On this plan, the right wall (by the stairs) is the "bar" area with the ice maker, glass front upper cabinets for bar glasses and glass shelves. There is a shallow lower cabinet between the ice maker and sink. On the premise that the front of base cabinets are used the most anyway and any cabinets there would be better than none. The way we have it currently planned, we are thinking that plates and bowls will go in the upper cabinet between the sink and stove. Glasses cups coffee cups etc will go in the upper cabinet between the stove and pantry. Pots, pans, mixing bowls, baking dishes, small appliances, etc etc will go in the lower cabinets and lower drawers spread around the rest of the kitchen.

Although the plans show the room as 20'3 long, it is actually only 15'3 between the kitchen window and the edge of the counter overhang in front of the bar stools. The extra 5' is the area for the bar stools and walking room behind them. The 11'7 measurement is from the recessed wall behind the fridges to the opposing wall where the glass front cabinet is.

One thing I am somewhat concerned about is the dishwashers on each side of the stove, however, doing mockups, I think someone could still stand fairly comfortably at the stove as long as only one dishwasher was open to the side of them at a time. I placed them this way because I did not want to get too far away from the sink with the dishwashers.

The size of the kitchen cannot be increased because of size constraints for total house square footage at the beach. Every bit of available square footage is being used to the max !


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