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Will all this look good together?

14 years ago

We are a few months away from our new build being complete...but I'm starting to question a few of our kitchen selections (well, namely the sink).

cabinetry - dark walnut stain

floor - mixed width rustic american cherry

granite - tropical brown granite

backsplash - natural tumbled stone tile

appliances - SS

light fixtures - ORB

hardware - black

sink - SS

faucet - ORB

Is the ORB faucet going to look funny with the SS sink?? We've seen it done on one house and it looked fine, but I'm questioning it now? Will the SS appliances blend ok with the hardware, faucet, light fixtures, etc? Again, we've seen it all together and liked it, but should we change anything? We have ORB throughout the house, and don't want satin nichol or anything, it's a very warm, earth-toned color pallet, so I'd like to stay with the ORB (hinges and door knobs are black). Help!

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