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Lowes eliminates commissions on cabinets and appliances

10 years ago

If you read my other posting, you'll see that I recently went to work for "The Blue Store". There have been a LOT of openings recently in Appliances and Cabinets due to a pretty big policy change there.

They no longer pay any type of sales bonus to their Appliance or Cabinet associates.

In my market at least, this has resulted in a pretty big exodus of employees from those positions. A LOT of experienced and knowledgeable people no longer are there to assist customers. Instead, you have a lot of younger people coming into these jobs who aren't as motivated to sell, and who are not looking at making the job any type of career for themselves. That's a BIG difference from how these positions were viewed traditionally, as you used to be able to provide pretty well for a family if you chose to make Appliances or Kitchens a career. There are a few older experienced people left, but these are the ones who are very close to retirement age rather than those in the middle of their career life who would look forward to doing this until retirement.

Maybe internet competitive shopping has accelerated this, but it has been a longstanding trend in the service economy as a whole. It's much cheaper to employ 4 kids at just above minimum wage rather than pay 2 knowledgeable and experienced people to do the same job.

So, FYI, don't ever count on encountering someone in one of these jobs that actually knows what they are doing. And, if you do, I personally think that you should sing their praises well to corporate so that perhaps a bit of this trend towards hiring "clerks" can be reversed a bit. If enough people demand knowledgeable help, even if it costs them 5% more, then the corporate world will make it happen.

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