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New shaker cabinet panels on appliances have hairline cracks. Help!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Hi, I have new appliance panels for my fridge and dishwasher. They've been in two weeks. Already have hairline cracks near the cabinet pulls. My contractor has said it's because of the force of the pull. They were expensive cabinets, real wood. I know people with shaker style fridge panels and they don't have this issue. Is it BS from my contractor? He has offered to replace the panels but thinks it's going to happen again so he is also suggesting we switch to flat panels for the appliances. I'm worried that would look weird with the rest of the cabinets shaker?

My options are:

1) Live with can see it when close.

2) Replace the fridge and dishwasher panels with flat panels (free)

3) Replace the fridge and dishwasher panels with stainless steel panels from manufacturer (~$800)

What should I do :)?

EDIT: added picture of the crack below

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